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A Guide For Your First Visit to Redeemer Lutheran Christian Church

Welcome to our Family!

We want to help make your first visit to Redeemer an enjoyable experience. We will never embarrass you if you don't know what to do or when to do something during worship. The most important part of worship is that God speaks to us and we speak to God from the heart.

Where To Go

Redeemer Lutheran's campus is located at 920 West Sixth Street in Northwest Ontario, California. The campus is about 2 blocks east of Mountain Ave. and about 4 blocks west of San Antonio Ave. If you are coming via the 10 Freeway, you would exit at Mountain Ave in Ontario (about 31 miles east of Los Angeles).

Please use the right side (as you are facing north) entrance to the parking lot off of 6th street. The entrance to the sanctuary (worship center) is in the middle of the west side of the parking lot. Handicapped parking is available directly in front of this entrance.

You will enter the patio area through the double gates. Make sure you look up and to your left to see the "Second Advent of Christ" stained glass window. Below that is the main entrance to the sanctuary.

What to expect

Redeemer Lutheran has three styles of worship.

Sunday mornings at 8:00  is our Traditional Worship Service. This worship service has traditional Lutheran & Christian hymns accompanied by our organist. We use various liturgies from the 2007 edition of Lutheran Service Book, including the Office of Matins, Divine Service Settings 1, 2 and 3.

Sunday mornings at 10:30 is our Contemporary Worship Service. This worship service is with music by our praise worship group Psalm 150 and David Carmona.

Sunday afternoons at 1:00 is our Indonesian Worship service (except the first Sunday of the month). This worship service is done mostly in the Batak Indonesian language (except when an English-speaking pastor is preaching - then the sermon is in English).

We have a well-lighted and comfortable sanctuary (worship center) with padded pews and a warm & comfortable atmosphere.

What to wear

There is no "dress code" for Redeemer Lutheran. A general rule of thumb is if you can wear it to a casual restaurant you can wear it to worship at Redeemer!

What to say

You don't have to know how to speak "church speak" to have an enjoyable experience at Redeemer. The family at Redeemer is friendly, so you'll feel right at home.

What to do

During a worship service we mostly sit but occasionally stand. We usually stand for prayer and for the reading of the Gospel - to show respect to our Lord and Savior. Occasionally we'll stand at the invitation of the song leader (at 10:30). At the 8:00 service we usually stand for the stanzas of a hymn that have a triangle at the begining (which denotes a Trinitarian Doxology stanza). You'll get the idea as you follow the family members of Redeemer.

We hope this guide will help you to have a great worship experience at Redeemer. If there is something that should be here and isn't, email us here.